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14th CFGBC Symposium

14th CFGBC Scientific Symposium taking place on June 11th 2019 at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Symposium - Systems medicine in clinical practice

Symposium "Systems medicine in clinical practice" will take place in June 10th-11th 2019 at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Uršula Prosenc at Institute of Biochemistry, MF, Ljubljana

General Information


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Professional address:

Uršula Prosenc
Institute of Biochemistry
Faculty of Medicine
University of Ljubljana
Vrazov trg 2
SI-1000 Ljubljana
phone: +386-1-543-7593
fax: +386-1-543-7588

Research interests

circadan biology, Cyp51 regulation, miRNA.

2006 - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Center for Functional Genomics and Bio-chips.