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Mini simpozij infrastrukturnih centrov

Mini simpozij infrastrukturnih centrov Medicinske fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani, bo potekal 21. junija 2018 med 14:00 in 17:00 v srednji predavalnici na Medicinski fakulteti Univerze v Ljubljani na Korytkovi 2.

Taste of Genomics

Taste of Genomics: the 70th anniversary of Prof. Radovan Komel and 13th CFGBC Scientific Symposium will take place from June 20th-21st 2018 at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Slovenia.

Systems Medicine Conference in Slovenia

Systems Medicine Conference in Slovenia: National Awareness Event,12th CFGBC Symposium and “Systems Medicine” Workshop took place from June 8th-9th 2017 at Hotel Slon, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

CFGBC Equipment and Reservations

Tecan GENios microplate reader

The Tecan GENios Microplate Reader combines three important measurement modes - fluorescence, absorbance and glow luminescence - in a single, compact instrument. It handles microplate formats from 6- to 384-wells, to provide flexibility and convenience for all molecular biology applications. The Tecan GENios is the ideal solution for molecular biology laboratories involved in DNA and RNA quantification, or checking labelling accuracy. Tecan versatile GENios offers maximum flexibility and performance.

For cell-based assays, the Tecan GENios Microplate Reader can detect multiple labels per well and switches easily from top to bottom readings with just a single mouse click. This allows scientists and technicians to choose the most appropriate parameters for quantifying nucleic acids and proteins as well as for any ELISAs or general molecular biology assays, using predefined protocols in Magellan software.

With all these highly versatile features, the Tecan GENios Microplate Reader is indispensable for all life science laboratories in both industry and academia. Its wide range of applications makes it suitable for many areas of R&D and testing including genetics, proteomics, biotechnology and for diagnostic laboratories active in nucleic acid testing. The Tecan GENios offers the major advantage of simplifying a number of laboratory procedures as this one instrument can now replace several existing testing systems.

The filters are arranged in filter slides; four excitation filters and four emission filters can be outfitted into the filter slides. Handles 6, 24, 96, and 384 well plates for Fluorescence and Absorbance, 96 well plates for Luminescence. 340-700nm fluorescence spectral range. 230-1000nm absorbance spectral range. Sensitivity 3 pg fluorescence on each well and the emission signal is measured by a highly sensitive PMT. Different detection techniques with one instrument change of measurement directions (top / bottom) by PC software. Thermal incubation at +5C to + 42C.

Dual optical channels allow measurements from above or below the plate by mouse-click. Light to and from the samples is focused by a lens and high quality excitation and emission filters are easily accessible from the front of the instrument. Each filter slide can hold up to four filters with maximum eight filters onboard for fluorescence and maximum five filters for absorbance.

2006 - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Center for Functional Genomics and Bio-chips.