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Systems Medicine Conference in Slovenia

Systems Medicine Conference in Slovenia: National Awareness Event,12th CFGBC Symposium and “Systems Medicine” Workshop took place from June 8th-9th 2017 at Hotel Slon, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

CASyM winter school of Systems Medicine

CASyM winter school of Systems Medicine took place between March 29th and April 1st 2017 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and is entitled »The 3rd SysBioMed hands-on tutorial: Systems Medicine Approaches in Personalized Medicine«

ELIXIR-SI launch & 11TH CFGBC Symposium

The event with motto “Data for Life” took place from September 20th - 21st 2016 at Cankarjev dom and the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Systems Medicine for mechanistic disease redefinition and omics-based drug repurposing for rapid proof of concept and patient relevant impact

Harald Schmidt1

1Dept of Pharmacology and Personalised Medicine, Maastricht University, Maastricht, the Netherlands

Drug discovery and development has not only long development time, its expenses have been increase exponentially and the success rate is decreasing. As a result, the average cost for a market entry of a drug in the U.S.A. reached 3.8 billion USD. Obviously, this is neither sustainable for the pharmaceutical industry but also the health care providers and tax payers who indirectly need to refinance these costs. Moreover, the low success rate yields stagnation in medical innovation and patient benefit from basic research pushing the entire biomedical translational drug R&D process in a deep crisis. Systems Medicine can address this efficacy challenge by redefining diseases by mechanisms rather t5han symptoms and organs and thereby allowing mechanism-based drug discovery and rapid repurposing. By repurposing a registered (set of) drug(s) for a new indication, nearly the complete lead optimisation and most or all of clinical phase I is eliminated. Ideally, immediate phase II clinical trialling is ethically possible and medically justified, provided solid pre-clinical evidence on the target and drug can be provided. Compared to having to start from lead discovery, the net gain in time is at least 9 years in average. Depending on the indication (acute or chronic) and resulting trial length the gain may be even more. 

2006 - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Center for Functional Genomics and Bio-chips.