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14th CFGBC Symposium

14th CFGBC Scientific Symposium taking place on June 11th 2019 at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Symposium - Systems medicine in clinical practice

Symposium "Systems medicine in clinical practice" will take place in June 10th-11th 2019 at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

CFGBC at Institute of Biochemistry, MF, Ljubljana

Centre for Functional Genomics and Bio-Chips

Centre for Functional Genomics and Bio-Chips (CFGBC) was opened in June 2005. It was established by the Slovenian Consortium for Biochips, the network of Slovenian academic institutions, research institutes, clinical centers and pharmaceutical industry. CFGBC is a part of Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana located at Zaloška 4 in Ljubljana (see the map). Center is opened to all members of the Slovenian Consortium for Biochips and is working within the Network of research infrastructure centers at University of Ljubljana (Mreža raziskovalnih infrastrukturnih centrov Univerze v Ljubljani – MRIC UL).

The Center is partially financed by ARRS infrastructure programme.


ESFRI – Research Infrastructures

ELIXIR: European Life sciences Infrastructure for Biological Information

ISBE: Infrastructure for Systems Biology Europe

ELIXIR unites Europe's leading life science organisations in managing and safeguarding the massive amounts of data being generated every day by publicly funded research. It is a pan-European research infrastructure for biological information. ISBE is a large-scale European Research Infrastructure project on the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) Roadmap coordinated by Imperial College London.


International Collaborative Projects

CASyM: Coordination Action Systems Medicine - Implementation of Systems Medicine across Europe


CASyM FightingDrugFailure
CASyM is a 22 partner Coordinating and Support Action FP7 - HEALTH - 2012 project under the theme "Preparing for the future research and innovation activities in systems medicine" coordinated by Forschungszentrum Juelich Gmbh in Germany.
2006 - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine, Center for Functional Genomics and Bio-chips.